What We Offer

We offer 3D and 2D animation, projection mapping and live visuals

We’re always keen to collaborate, whether it’s with other artists, designers, developers and technicians, or finding a cross-pollination of ideas and skills from completely different people, get in touch!

 Who We Are

Cursor began in 2012 as a collaborative effort between Ed Metcalf and Jamie Shaw, with several years of experience in events and fine art respectively.

Ed, owner of Resonant Event Audio Video Ltd. has been a key figure in the festival circuit for several years, designing and running stages at major UK festivals and helping get some of the smaller ones off the ground, along side this, his experience working in the corporate events world is extensive and second-to-none.

Jamie started his visual career out as an abstract painter, and has shown his work across the UK and in Europe. Since 2012 he began to explore live visuals and projection mapping, quickly focusing more on 3D animation and motion design as his primary skillset.