Robotika // Boomtown Fair

It’s a dystopian cybernetics factory, run by a mad professor hell-bent on creating the perfect cyborg, he has been stealing the crew from Boomtown’s The Leisure Centre to experiment on, and has nearly reached his goal...

The stage itself is 25m across, at the head of a 40mx45m outdoor arena bordered by 2 stories of shipping containers, with a capacity of 6,500. Funktion 1 brought in a phenomenal array, and the rest of our team installed of 50 light fixtures, lasers, smoke machines, and last but most certainly not least, a team of performers.

As part of the Leisure Centre and Robotika team, we were commissioned to create custom content for the live visual component of the stage concept. Our main focus was a character based on the Leisure Centre aesthetic, updated into a futuristic cyborg. Our protagonist dances around and does exercise moves as well as being constructed and deconstructed at the will of the VJ. 

Additional scenes were created to show the production line of an army of robots being created, and more of the factories underground internal architecture is being developed for future installments. 

All in all we developed the concepts, style, actual content and live show over the course of 7 months, setting ourselves up for a 3 year run of shows requiring only smaller updates and add-ons over time.

Definitely the house favorite project of 2016-18.